Wednesday, June 5, 2013


One of the most beauty actresses to ever be captured on film was the Irish born Maureen O'Hara. What a beauty she was! Despite failing health, She kept her promise to her fans. Screen star Maureen O’Hara traveled from Boise, Idaho, to Winterset, Iowa last weekend to honor fellow Hollywood legend John Wayne in his birthplace.

A John Wayne museum and learning center and museum is planned for the Iowa town, and the project now has the best possible blessing from O’Hara, who made five movies with the late actor, including the iconic “The Quiet Man.” Wayne was born in Winterset on May 26, 1907.

It was O’Hara’s first ever visit to Winterset, and it was also billed as her last large scale public appearance. O’Hara was greeted by fans during the weekend as the town featured O’Hara and Wayne films in its movie theater.

“I hope they don’t forget,” O’Hara said of the well wishers.

“If they forget me, I might get mad at them, because I am still here,” the 92-year-old actress said.

O’Hara lived in West Cork for a number of years, but is now settled in Idaho close to family members. She has been embroiled in a bitter fight with her old assistant. She has accused her ex-assistant of elder abuse. Ms O'Hara has filed papers in New York seeking the return of files on her assets and finances from lawyer Howard Gibbs. The 'Daily News' in New York reported that court documents in relation to the issue have already been filed in Manhattan.

Her family insisted she was happier since her move to the US and was considering writing a book to outline her reasons for quitting Ireland.

"Maureen is being bombarded with offers and gets requests to attend events every day," said her nephew Charlie Fitzsimons.  "If it was up to her, she would be attending most things. . . But we have to be more selective about what she attends now because she is 92 and these things are exhausting.

"She is in good health and is living in what is called a senior family home where she has two or three girls looking after her and giving her 24/7 care. She is also receiving occupational and physical therapy -- in fact, the only thing slowing her down is her diabetes. She is incredible". According to her family, it is important for her to leave the spotlight on her own terms and not when she is being carried off. After years of film making, the red haired beauty deserves that much...



  1. Wow, Miss O'Hara looks remarkable for 92, doesn't she? I'm glad she is in good health and surrounded by loved ones.

  2. It's always sad to hear about stars living in "assisted living homes". Even though they are human ( and we all end up in nursing homes sooner or later ) it's still hard not to think of them as being immortal. I can't imagine anyone ever forgetting Maureen O'Hara...she doesn't have to worry about that! Like the Duke, she is a legend in her own time.

    1. I agree Miss O'Hara is a classy lass but I TOTALLY disagree about "we all end up in nursing homes" Be aware about the power of the spoken word;PROVERBS 18:21 "the power of life & death is the tongue" .If you want to end up in a Nursing home just keep saying that negative comment.Innocent ,maybe but spiritually-POISON.My grandmother (1898-1994)lived totally independent with family visiting her nearly every day.Feisty,wise and sharp as a tack.Also a great believer in God.She had an automatic facelift upon passing in Hospital looking serene and at peace with Our Lord Jesus.

    2. She doesn't live in a nursing home, she has her own home near her grandson's residence. But she has live-in care.

  3. David,
    It's wonderful that O'Hara has given her time and voice to John Wayne's memory as promised.

    These museums, regardless of how small are very meaningful for keeping our classic actor's legacies alive.

    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to visit and blog about our little Gene Autry museum here in Oklahoma and I plan to visit the Tom Mix and Will Rogers museums here this summer with my parents. The fact that these actors get a museum dedicated to them and their work where they resided or were born makes them even more special.

    Thanks for the very interesting write up on Wayne and O'Hara who is a stand up gal.


  4. She looks fantastic! What a thrill it would be to see her in person.

  5. Now at 69, I can tell you she was the greatest. I saw all her films and loved them. She has had a great career and was cast well when she starred with the great John Wayne. Thank you for a great career Ms. O'Hara.

  6. My favorite movie was The Quiet Man! She and John Wayne made the perfect couple! Loved that movie soooo much!

  7. I left Boise 33 years ago to pursue my future. Nice to know Ms. O'Hara lives there. It brings back many memories.

    As a little boy growing up and watching John Wayne movies, I always compared the cowboy wife Maureen O'Hara, and husband to my own parents, making personal notes on what were good and bad behaviors in a relationship. Of course, if my father had ever tried to give my mom a spanking he would have ended up with a frying pan on the side of the head :) But most of all the movie couple taught and gave me ideas about love, loyalty and courage. Those movie relationships helped me see men make mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. Something that has served me well in my adult life. One day I Learned my "Texan" wife had spent an afternoon watching McClintock and Rio Grande. She Laughed over the recognition of the lame humor I had demonstrated over the years, now understanding the source of my material. Mike H.

  8. She was interviewed by TCM at their film festival in April of 2014.