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Comedian Bob Hope and his wife Dolores were married for decades. They were married in 1934 and remained married until Bob's death in 2003 - an impressive 69 years together. The couple never had any biologicial children together, but they did adopt four children that you might not know too much about...

Linda Hope

LINDA HOPE (born in 1933)
Linda Hope is the eldest daughter of Bob and Dolores Hope. She is the producer of the Emmy Award–winning TV special Bob Hope: The First 90 Years. She also wrote My Life in Jokes, a collection of jokes honoring her father’s one hundredth birthday. Linda produced his TV shows for over twenty years, ran Hope Enterprises, and has spent the last two decades perpetuating her father’s legacy. Originally married in 1969, Linda in recent years came out as a lesbian. In 2012, Linda held a garage sale at her father's estate in order to give his fans some momentos of her father's life. In 2020 Linda published another book of memories of Bob Hope titled Dear Bob: Bob Hope's Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.s of World War II, which one numerous publishing awards in 2021.

William Hope

WILLIAM HOPE (born in 1937)
Not much is know about Bob and Dolores's second adoptive child. His profession has been listed as an actor, although his roles are not many. According to his IMDb profile, William is known for That Certain Feeling, This Is Your Life (1955), and The Bob Hope Christmas Special (1969). William Kelly Francis Hope has lived a private life off publicity. His whereabouts as of 2022 are not known.

Anthony (Tony) Hope

ANTHONY HOPE (1940-2004)
Sadly, Bob and Dolores' third adopted child passed away in 2004 from s a stroke. Known as Tony, he made a try at politics in 1986, entering the California Congressional race to fill the seat vacated by Representative Bobbi Fiedler, a Republican. Despite name recognition, Mr. Hope was beaten in the primary. Mr. Hope served in several federal roles. President Gerald R. Ford appointed him to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, President Jimmy Carter named him to the Government Management Improvement Council and President Ronald Reagan appointed him to the Grace Commission, which was formed to find waste and fraud in the federal government. The first President George Bush appointed Mr. Hope as chairman of the gaming commission, which oversees the gambling enterprises of American Indian tribes. He was well known and liked in D.C. politics.

Nora Hope

NORA HOPE (born in 1946)
Like her older brother William, Nora (Eleanora) has mostly stayed out of the limelight. William and Nora were adopted by the Hopes in the same year, 1946. She married her high school sweetheart Samuel Boyd McCullagh Jr in 1969, but later divorced him. (He passed away in 2021 after a long illness). 

Despite Bob Hope being away from his family for long periods of time, and reports of his many infedelities from the 1930s until the 1990s, there has been no "daddy dearest" books, and from all accounts the children had a happy life. I guess this gives hope (no pun intended) for other children of Hollywood royalty!

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