Monday, July 11, 2011


Here are some interesting dates that happened in film history:

July 14, 1908: Edison Company actor D.W. Griffith makes his directing debut with The Adventures of Dollie, the first of over 500 works to come.

July 12, 1912: Adolph Zukor releases a French film, Queen Elizabeth, starring stage star Sarah Bernhardt, in America, giving a new respectability to motion pictures.

July 15, 1932: The Disney Studio releases the first cartoon using the three-color Technicolor process, a Silly Symphony called Flowers and Trees.

July 14, 1933: E.C. Segar's comic strip creation Popeye the Sailor is set afloat in his first film appearance, in Max Fleischer's cartoon short.

July 14, 1937: After her memorable debut appearance in Warners' They Won't Forget, 17-year-old Lana Turner will earn the nickname "the sweater girl."

July 14, 1969: Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda's low-budget "road" picture, Easy Rider, debuts, and will make a star of Jack Nicholson and spawn a host of imitators.

July 15, 1988: Bruce Willis shoots his way into the pantheon of Hollywood action heroes with the debut of Die Hard.

July 10, 1989: The voice of nearly every major Warner Bros. cartoon character, as well as Heathcliff the cat, Mel Blanc, dies at 80.

July 11, 1989: The portrayer of nearly every major Shakespearean character, as well as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, Laurence Olivier, dies at 82.

July 15, 1998: Cameron Diaz sports a unique hair-do in the year's most unlikely hit, the "gross-out" comedy There's Something About Mary.

July 16, 1999: Amid cries of "Is it real?," the $60,000 pseudo-documentary The Blair Witch Project opens to packed houses and will become the top independent film of all time.


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