Friday, June 5, 2015


Nichelle Nichols, who starred in the original "Star Trek" series as Lieutenant Uhura has suffered a mild stroke.

The 82-year-old actress's rep Michael Conley told ABC News, "Nichelle Nichols is resting comfortably and undergoing tests. We do not have a prognosis yet but everyone’s prayers and well wishes are appreciated.”

The actress has still been active into her 80's and was featured in the show "Heroes" a few years back along with her extensive "Star Trek" work in hits like "The Wrath of Khan" and "The Search for Spock."

A statement was also posted to her Facebook page on Thursday.

"Last night while at her home in LA, Nichelle Nichols suffered from a mild stroke. She is currently undergoing testing to determine how severe the stroke was. Please keep her in your thoughts," it read, signed by Zach McGinnis from Galactic Productions. The website also posted about the stroke.

Nichols' latest projects include "The White Orchid" opposite Jennifer Beals and "Omaha Street" with Dennis Haysbert.

Her role in "Star Trek" was groundbreaking in the late 1960's as one of the first black women featured in a role of authority. She also kissed show star William Shatner during one episode, which is thought to be one of the first interracial kiss on TV.

Some of her former co-stars have posted kind words on social media.

"We understand #NichelleNichols has been rushed to the hospital. We don't have any diagnosis on her condition but our thoughts are with her," George Takei tweeted...

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