Friday, January 13, 2012


The grandson of legendary actor Clark Gable was sentenced Thursday to 10 days in jail for pointing a laser gun at an LAPD helicopter.

L.A. County Superior Court Judge David Horwitz gave Clark James Gable of Canoga Park a one-day credit for time served and also placed him on three years' formal probation.

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty in December to one felony count of discharging a laser at an occupied aircraft. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors will ask Horwitz to drop two other felony counts -- discharging a laser and assault likely to produce great bodily injury.

Gable admitted that while he was riding in a car traveling down La Brea Avenue at 10 p.m. July 28, he flashed a laser three times at an LAPD helicopter flying 800 feet above Hollywood Boulevard. He later told KCBS-TV that the incident was a "misunderstanding" and that "people make mistakes and you learn from them."

Deputy Dist. Atty. Holly Harpham said the 52-milliwatt laser light — which has a range of over 1,000 feet — temporarily blinded the two LAPD officers in the helicopter. The LAPD tracked the beam to a small red car that was traveling in the area off Franklin and Highland avenues.

The driver, Maximilian Anderson, was arrested at the scene but not charged because there was not enough evidence to prove he knew Gable was pointing a laser at the chopper.

Clark Gable died on March 20, 1961, Kay Williams (Gable) gave birth to Gable's only son, John Clark Gable, born four months after Clark's death of a heart attack at age 59. Judy Lewis, Gable's only child while he was still alive, died on November 25, 2011 of cancer...



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