Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A child of the 1970s and 1980s, I grew up watching television. Luckily television then was much more different than it is now. I am more of a movie fan than a television fan, but through the years I have watched and loved many great televisions shows.

Here are my five favorite television shows of all-time:

5. THE OFFICE (2005-present)
The Office is a remake of an acclaimed but short lived British series created by comedian Ricky Gervais. While this American version is not as controversial and biting, it is one of the best comedies to air on television in recent years. For seven years, comedian Steve Carell was brilliant as the branch manager - and unfortunate for the show he life the series in 2011. Still, if you have ever worked in an office, you will understand a lot of the very funny comedy.

4. SOUTH PARK (1997-present)
I know the cartoon South Park is one of the most controversial shows ever to be on television. It is definitely not your parent's cartoon. However, despite the graphic nature of the show, no subject is off limits to South Park. From Barbara Streisand and Tom Cruise to the Catholic Church and Jersey Shore, everyone has been spoofed and made fun of on South Park. Yes, the show is not for children and can be very graphic but their social satire and poltical commentary is right on the money.

3. THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW (1965-1974)
Not every show on television needed to be deep or make you think. Dean Martin and his variety show was simply good and fun television. Dean would sing a song or two, perform a skit with the guest star, and basically just have a fun 60 minutes. Dean rarely rehearsed, and when he'd make a mistake the producers kept it in, so it added to the charm and off the cuff nature of the show. When Dean Martin broke up with Jerry Lewis in 1956, it was thought that Lewis would be the big star. However, this television show cemented Dean as the superstar he was. What is a crime is these shows are not available on DVD in their complete form - only clips of the show are available as of now.

2. SEINFELD (1990-1998)
This is a show about nothing and everything. What is funny is I never watched the show until its last episode in 1998. What is so charming about this sitcom is everyone's group of friends is like the characters on the show. Everyone knows a Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) or a George (Jason Alexander). The topics are mundane like waiting in line at a Chinese restaurant or not remembering a date's name, but everyone has experienced a "Seinfeld" moment. Not only did the show know to end on a highnote, it always made NBC millions in the 1990s. NBC has not been able to match the success they had with "Seinfeld" since.

1. TWILIGHT ZONE (1959-1964)
I think the best type of television show is one that makes you think after you watch it. Rod Serling was a genius in how he for the most part wrote every script each week for each 30 minute episode. Many episodes have become interwoven into the fabric of society now. Everyone remembers the episode with a frantic William Shatner seeing a gremlin on his plane or the doll that has the vendetta against the angry step father played by Telly Savalas. The Syfy channel plays a marathon of Twlight Zone episodes over New Year's Eve, and it is my favorite ritual to try to watch every episode I can. The show is over 50 years old, but some of the episodes are as fresh as if they were written today. In my humble opinion, The Twilight Zone was the best show television ever created.

What are your favorite shows? I would love hear your favorites and comments about my list...


  1. What kind of a list is that? No westerns!

    The party that was "The Dean Martin Show" was a big part of my youth. Good music and good fun.

  2. Well, I don't know that these would be in my top list of shows, but I do love South Park. They take on anyone and everything, which is refreshing. Their Mormon and Catholic Church episodes are my favorites.

  3. I just realized that without a big smiley face next to it, some folks might take the first line of my last post seriously. My consolation is that you know I am teasing.

    I've been mulling over what my 5 might be and, provisionally, the list looks like this:

    Perry Mason
    Mary Tyler Moore
    Car 54, Where Are You?

    It's not an easy thing to do, especially when you've watched as much TV as I have.

  4. I LOVE The Office, Dean Martin, Seinfeld and Twilight Zone. South Park has some good stuff, but a little of it goes a long way with me. Other favorites of mine are the original Avengers, Dick Van Dyke show, The Honeymooners, Have Gun Will Travel, 77 Sunset Strip, and House. Great list, Lobosco! It's fun to look back and try to pick out of so many!