Thursday, March 9, 2023


So millions of people love the music of Connie Francis. I was one of them! My Grandparents saw the 1960s pop star in concert countless times, and I enjoyed her soulful singing which was reminisant of Judy Garland or Al Jolson. When I officially began collecting music when I was 6, Connie Francis was a part of my collection. However, that changed about eight years ago.

I have a You Tube channel that I started in 2014. I do it for fun - I do not make any money on it whatsoever. I created initially to share my favorite music with the world, and I want to connect more younger fans of this type of music together. Connie made a album in 1969 called "Connie & Clyde: Music Of The 1930s". The album was spectactular, and the crowning recording in this gem is "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime". At the time, the album was not available anywhere so I posted that recording from the album.

In about a days time, I received notification from You Tube that the agent of Connie Francis flagged my upload, and wanted it deleted from the channel. The agent went so far as to report me to You Tube to get my channel shut down, but this was my first offense, and You Tube has a three strike rule. So You Tube put me on probation for six months - which I was successful to work through. I wrote to the agent to explain that I did not make money from my channel, and I was just uploading the video to help keep the memory of Connie Francis and her contemporaies alive. My only response I got was that if I disputed the access, I would be taken to court.

As a result, I got rid of all my Connie Francis records and CDs, and I only listen to her if her voice comes on as part of a movie soundtrack. At one time she was one of my favorite songbirds, but as a result of this action, Connie as flown the coup as one of my favorites. I rarely talk about this, but I cringe when I read about her. For this reason, I dislike Connie Francis...


  1. And all this time I hated Connie Francis only for her voice, which I have always found extremely annoying.

  2. It's really sad that something like this happened to you. People blow, sometimes.

  3. Ok you broke the rules ..go fly a kite

  4. That is just nasty! That said, Andrea Martin on SCTV did a better Connie then she ever could!