Monday, September 23, 2019


Celebrity chef Carl Ruiz has died at age 44.

The death of the Food Network star and owner of the New York restaurant La Cubana was announced Sunday. His friend and internet personality Matt Farah confirmed the news on Twitter and Instagram, sharing his fond memories of Ruiz throughout their two years of friendship.

Farah used the caption of his Instagram photo as a tribute to the late Ruiz, sharing a heartfelt message of the time they spent together as well as praising Ruiz’s abilities as a chef.

“The idea I can’t bounce a watch purchase, a recipe, or a funny tweet off him ever again hasn’t really set in, but let’s just say life feels a lot more gray today,” he wrote. “He was too prophetic for his own good - Carl was never going to grow old and invalid, he was full throttle every day and no one was gonna tell him otherwise. I just wish I had some more time to laugh with my friend.”

Fellow Food Network star Guy Fieri shared his own tribute to Ruiz, stating that he is “heartbroken” over the loss of the talented chef.

"I’m heartbroken that my friend chef Carl Ruiz is gone. I have no words to describe what a great friend he was to me and my family. His ability to make me laugh and smile under any circumstances was only outshined by his talent as a chef."

In a separate tweet, Fieri continued his sentiment, writing, "Over the years, I’ve met a lot of great people but a friend like Carl is one in a hundred million. Carl 'The Cuban’ Ruiz will forever live on in my heart and in those of all who loved him.”

Ruiz was best known for his appearances on the Food Network, including "Guy's Grocery Games" and "Guy's Ranch Kitchen" as well as his own YouTube series "Omg Carl's Food Show" where he reviewed chain restaurants. The cause of death has not been announced yet...

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