Monday, June 17, 2019


On July 5, 1948 we lost of one of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood. On that date Carole Landis was found dead of an apparent suicide. However, was it so apparent? Next month from July 1 - July 8 we have three stories dedicated to Carole Landis and her unfortunate death.

Please join us for a special week and feel free to comment on Carole Landis and her death which happened some 71 years ago...


  1. I remember Carole Landis from the two movies that she did with Betty Grable. They played sisters both times. When I saw MOONLIGHT IN MIAMI I liked Carole in it. Betty was already one of my favorites but Carole had her time to shine in the movie as well. The other one was I WAKE UP SCREAMING. Classic TV Fan

  2. As I have read, she was very much maligned as “a good time girl”. She was caught in the studio system and it’s very unfair that the women get called names and the men are “heroes”. Something’s never change.