Friday, March 29, 2019


A new excellent book from author Torchy Smith has been released. It really is a must-read for nostalgia fans...


Torchy Smith’s new book covering celebrities from 1950s-1970s TV & Film
March 4, 2019 – Archway Publishing
With A Foreword by Geraldo Rivera

Gleaned from interviews on his radio show “Baby Boomers Talk Radio,” Torchy Smith shares stories and insights about baby boomer celebrities in his new book “Shooting the Breeze with Baby Boomer Stars! Surprising Celebrity Conversations for the Retro Generation.”

The book presents 50 first-hand accounts of baby boomer celebrities from beloved TV shows and films such as Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver), Bill Mumy (Lost in Space), Cubby O’Brien (Mickey Mouse Club) Stephen Furst (Animal House), Butch Patrick (The Munsters), Cindy Williams (Laverne & Shirley) and Clint Howard (The Andy Griffith ShowGentle Ben) The interviewees discuss their memories working on projects, behind the scenes secrets, and the lasting cultural impact of the baby boomer generation.

You will read trade secrets never before revealed as stars chat about being on set for Animal House, Star TrekLeave it to Beaver, and more.

You will go back in time with Baby Boomer icons as they relive behind-the-scenes snafus and fights all while honoring the glory days of television.

Where are they now, and what are they doing? You're about to find out.

“Shooting the Breeze with Baby Boomer Stars” is an entertaining collection of first-person stories and histories for pop culture enthusiasts.

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About the author
Torchy Smith has interviewed well over 100 celebrities on his talk show “Baby Boomers Talk Radio.” May 4th, 1970 was Smith’s last day at Kent State, where he witnessed the shootings by the Ohio National Guard. He was a graphic design student and had worked doing advertising layouts for several employers. After gravitating to sales and building a successful career selling to large retailers, Smith began investing in real estate in the 80s.

At the same time, he also started a ribbon business, which he sold in 2006 and went into semi-retirement. Smith always had an interest in seeking a way to combine his nostalgia obsession with communications through the internet. As a self-starter, he learned and kept up with the computer age that was surging in the 90's. Smith was then able to combine those skills with his graphic design background. What resulted was his accomplishments in creating videos and communications with celebrities from the past. Smith has been on numerous radio programs, commenting on the pulse of where baby boomers now fit into today's world.

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“Shooting the Breeze with Baby Boomer Stars: Surprising Celebrity Conversations for the Retro Generation” by Torchy Smith
ISBN: 9781480867840 (softcover); 9781480867857 (hardcover); 9781480867864 (eBook)
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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