Monday, March 2, 2015


Character actor Daniel Von Bargen has sadly passed away after a lengthy illness. Best known for his roles as Mr. Kruger on Seinfeld (1997–98) and Commandant Edwin Spangler on the TV comedy Malcolm in the Middle (2000–01), the actor died on March 1st at the age of 64.

Von Bargen's film credits include London Betty, RoboCop 3,Basic Instinct, Broken Arrow, Universal Soldier: The Return, Truman, The Majestic, Philadelphia, A Civil Action, Thinner, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Snow Falling on Cedars, Disney's The Kid, and Super Troopers. He played the maniacal sorcerer Nix in Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions, and the Sheriff in The Postman. He played a terrorist in a season 5 episode of The X-Files.

His distinguished stage career included a long residency with Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island; he made his Off-Broadway debut in 1981 in Missing Persons. He also appeared in the premiere of Larry Gelbart's Mastergate and other plays at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and made his Broadway debut when the show went to New York.

Fellow actor and friend Bob Colonna had this to say about Daniel: "I feel a huge wave of sorrow and relief at the passing of this remarkable man, Dan Von Bargen. I treasure the years when I worked with him at Trinity Rep and in a couple of TV films. I admire his excellent body of work in the movies. And I mourn for the darkness and pain that were his final years. God bless him. He was a hell of a guy."

Daniel von Bargen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 5, 1950, to Juanita (Bustle) and Donald L. von Bargen, of German and English descent. He grew up in Cincinnati for most of his childhood before moving with his family to Southern California. He attended Purdue University, majoring in drama.

His role in The Postman (1997) as the Pineview sheriff who suspects 'Kevin Costner''s character of being a fraud, was a stand-out as von Bargen infused the role with the pathos of a man caught between just trying to survive and wanting to believe in the hope the Postman represents. His performance, which was an amalgam of characters from the Novel, contained just the perfect blend of world-weary skepticism and desperate hope.

Suffering from diabetes in recent years, the actor attempted to commit suicide on February 22, 2012. He was scheduled to have some toe amputated due to the diabetes. Despite shooting himself in the temple with a gun, he survived although his health continued to worsen. The immediate cause of death is not known at this time...


  1. Unconfirmed as of yet, no reliable news source is reporting it.

  2. Here is one reliable source:

  3. I worked for 2 weeks with Daniel von Bargen in G.I. Jane in 1994. We were both New York actors. He played tough guys, but he was a generous gentle man who was admired by all who worked with him.

    A rock on the set. Always prepared, and always brought his A game. Two of my favorite roles, The Postman, and Brother Where Art Thou? He was really good at it, and he made it look so easy.

    He moved to Los Angeles 5 years before I did. I had hoped to run into him at auditions, but I never did. He was an outstanding actor. So much good work in movies & TV. Check him out on IMDB. Very impressive.

    God speed. Know that you were well loved, and that those who loved you will never try to judge your pain. Rest now, Daniel.

    Your G.I. Jane friend,
    Ted Sutton
    Los Angeles

  4. My family moved from the Milford, Ohio area when I was in the 6th grade. Up until that time I knew Danny Von Bargen as a classmate in Mulberry Elementary School. He was an exceptionally bright student and was friendly and kind. Since we were arranged alphabetically in our classrooms, I was nearly always seated next to him. I remember him helping kids who were struggling with an assignment and he never talked down to them or acted full of himself. He was an obvious ''person most likely [to succeed]'', and a teacher's pet, but it never went to his head. I am happy for his successes, but very sad for his pain. Rest in Peace, Danny.

  5. Just a loss to all of us. This damn Diabetes thing is such a robber.Well thank God for a wonderful life that made us
    smile,cry and hope. We will always love you Daniel and know that it was the disease and not you. Thanks!!!