Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The man who brought you such musical visions as "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" and "You Have AIDS" now brings you his debut album. But wait -- not one flatulence joke? Not one reference to "fat chicks?" Nope, this is straight up big band jazz.

Seth MacFarlane often uses his Rat Pack throwback pipes to provide a signature musical flavor to "Family Guy." Whether it's Brian the Dog singing with Frank Sinatra Jr. or one of "Family Guy's" Bing Crosby/Bob Hope homage episodes, MacFarlane is an unabashed fan of the big band era. And now, with zero parody, MacFarlane has recorded his love letter to the era, "Music is Better Than Words."

Those expecting jokes should save their money. This album is front to back velvety big band jazz. Instead of Gary Coleman puns, there is a guest spot from Norah Jones. Instead of overtly offensive song titles, there's "You're the Cream In My Coffee." This is unapologetic jazz, baby.

The album is pretty swingin' if you dig the old school jazz scene. MacFarlane's passion for the era is evident and the fact that he takes the album so seriously results in a genuinely enjoyable throwback to a style and era that is almost universally loved. So watch out, Harry Connick Jr. If there were ever a jazz fight brewing, it'd be between these two...


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