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Interesting news story about the will of Jackie Gleason from 1986...

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) _ Comedian Jackie Gleason changed his will the day before he died, decreasing his wife’s share of his estate from half to one-third and increasing bequests to his two daughters and secretary.

The size of Gleason’s estate was not listed in the initial will, and his attorney, Brian Patchen, declined to estimate its value.

Gleason,  died of liver and colon cancer June 24, 2986 at the age of 71.. A death certificate filed with the will in Broward Probate Court said death came two months after he was stricken with the liver cancer, but did not say when he contracted colon cancer, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reported today.

On June 23, too weak to sign his name, Gleason told Patchen and business associates Richard Green and Irwin Marks to amend the document, the attorney said. ″It’s a very amicable thing ... very straightforward.″

Gleason decreased the share of his third wife, Marilyn Gleason, from half to one-third and raised the bequest for his secretary of 29 years, Sydell Spear of Hialeah, from $25,000 to $100,000.

The balance is to be divided equally by Gleason’s daughters from his first marriage, Geraldine Chatuk of Los Angeles and Linda Miller of Santa Monica, Calif., each of whom was originally to receive a quarter of the estate.

Gleason did not provide for a stepson from his last marriage or any arts organizations or charities.

The star of ″The Honeymooners″ television series and several movies left his personal effects, including jewelry, clothing, art works and automobiles to his wife, the sister of choreographer June Taylor. Mrs. Gleason was also appointed executor of the will originally drawn up in April 1985...

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