Friday, February 14, 2020


URBAN LEGEND: Did comedian Jack Benny have a rose delivered to his wife every day even after he died.

STATUS: 100% True!

Comedian Jack Benny was so in love with his wife and his fellow performer Mary Livingstone that since they got married he sent her a red rose a day. Even if they were away performing or he was performing overseas, Jack always sent Mary a rose.

In December of 1974, Jack died suddenly of cancer at the age of 80. Mary was inconsolable. The day after the funeral, to her surprise, a single rose was delivered for Mrs. Benny.

After several days with the red roses continuing to arrive daily, Mrs. Benny went to the florist and said, “I don’t know if you realize this or not, but Mr. Benny passed away. I know it is kind of you, but you don’t need to do this any longer.”

The florist responded, “Mrs. Benny, you don’t understand. Jack made provisions years ago to provide you a single red rose every day you are alive.” And, the lovely red roses continued to arrive every day for the next eight years until Mary’s death, as a memorial to Jack’s devotion to Mary...


  1. There are so many examples of behind-the-scenes examples and written salutes to the kind of man Jack Benny was in real life (the opposite of his cut-up character). Interesting how the Bennys' daughter was less than reverent to her mother in her book. I've read a few other items, although my memory fails me as to who said what, about how Mary Livingstone was not particularly an easy person to like. But things like what you posted are just more reasons why I love Benny (even the Horn Blows At Midnight!)!

  2. I heard Jack's will stated "forever", not "the rest of her life". A single rose is delivered to her gravesite everyday. Very Romantic.