Friday, August 30, 2013


Joan Crawford lived in many plush and huge mansions during her time as the queen of Hollywood. However, by the 1970s, she was living less and less like a movie star. She left her nine-room apartment at the Imperial house and downgraded to a 5-room apartment in 1973. This unit only cost her $85,000 a big difference from the $500,000 she paid for the nine-room unit. Joan kept her apartment very tidy just like all her other places. The plastic was all over ever piece of furniture to protect it from wear and tear. (Almost sounds like my own mother).

Joan loved to watch her old movies late at night when they would broadcast them on TV. It must have brought back a lot of good memories when she saw her old movies and her youthful beauty. Joan continued to have small parties and luncheons in her apartment and saw her twin on a regular basis. As Joan got older and her health declined she alienated several friends because of her drinking, her late night phone calls and her temperament. She had serious health problems by 1976 and had become very recluse and isolated. Joan had started out with nothing a long time ago in Oklahoma so it was fitting she would want to face death her own way. The last months of her life she withdrew from friends and was accompanied by a woman named Darinka Papich, a fan, and a fellow Christian Scientist named Mrs. Campbell. Joan's long time maid for many years, Mamacita, was away when Joan died. Joan Crawford died on May 10th 1977 in her apartment 22-G at the Imperial House. Below are photos of her last residence...


  1. An interesting post, David, because film fans often forget about the last days of the classic stars. At least, Joan had it better during her later years than folks like Veronica Lake. Fascinating photos of Joan's apartment.

  2. Forget to Mention the People that Purchases 22 H Was Henry John Taylor, and Mrs Taylor ,Radamila Marianovic ,and Pavle Stanimirovic ,also they lived on the same floor only two Apartments on this floor 22G or 22H when you come out the elevator on the 22 floor you can only go right to Joan Crawfords apartment or Left to Henry J Taylors Apartment. Intresting update on anything Joan Crawford. How cool is this that we know this today in 2017.

  3. May 10 it will be my 45 year birthday and also on my 5th year celebrating I will never forget because it marks also the 40 year death date of our late great Joan Crawford and to find our just how far she seperated herself from the rest of the world .
    Inside this bubble was small and tight with facts leaked out from the manuscript
    "Rada 2 Prada " now this is a True Story about Joan Crawford's last year to minutes living and to clear up who was actualy there in her last moments is unknown and shocking .

  4. Joan Crawford Birthday is This Week .

  5. She died in 22H, not 22G.