Monday, May 6, 2013


Here is a review I did online way back in 2001 - seems like only yesterday...

I bought this excellent CD only weeks before Perry Como passed away in May of 2001. Whether you're a big fan of Perry Como, like msyelf, or just a casual listener. This CD collection is jam packed with gems of Perry's career. Firstly, you get to hear Como's standard's like "Prisoner Of Love","If","Because", and "Til The End Of Time". Secondly, you get some lesser known Como recordings like "Black Moonlight" (first recorded by Perry's idol Bing Crosby in 1933) and "Over The Rainbow" (Of course a Judy Garland standard. He makes every song he sings his very own, and not many performers could do that. That is why Perry Como was truly one of the best crooners, next to Bing Crosby.

Another moving and touching song on the set, especially since Mr. Como's death is "Last Night When We Were Young". It is moving and powerful. Now Perry never had the most powerful voice, but he could instill drama into a serious song that makes him sound like an opera singer. The CD's sound is faultless, and I can find no flaws in this issue. The only gripe I have is that Mr. Perry Como is no longer with us anymore...



  1. I remember when Perry died in May 2001. 12 years ago now. RIP.

  2. During our engagement someone suggested to my hubby-to-be that we arrange a pre-nup. His response: "Why? I don't have anything and all she has is 35 Perry Como albums."

  3. Does anyone happen to know the song that was playing when Alma Baldwin was dying in Coronation Street - according to a Coronation Street book it was by Perry Como. It is a lovely song but I can't find it anywhere - lyrics go "Forever and ever, I love you so, you should know" or something and "that magic touch, that magic smile when you're close by me in my arms"........