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While watching the movie MOMMIE DEAREST (1981) last night, a movie so bad that it was good, I started wondering what happened to the children of Joan Crawford. She adopted a total of four children, and whether or not there was any truth to MOMMIE DEAREST, Crawford did do a lot for the plight of orphans in this country in the 1940s or so it appeared.

Christina Crawford was born in Los Angeles California on June 1, 1939 out of wedlock to a teenage mother and a father who was in the Navy. Joan adopted Christina, in early 1940, before she was one-year-old. Joan at the time was a single woman and she had originally named Christina - Joan Crawford Jr. Thankfully Joan changed her daughter's name to Christina - there was only one Joan Crawford, and Joan wanted the whole world to know that

Many people observed the abusive and obessive side of Joan Crawford. However, several witnessed the demanding, bratty, rotten nature of Christina as a child. She was a spoiled brat who demanded more and more out of Joan Crawford and when Christina didn't get her way she acted out against Joan. Christina was sent to boarding school at a young age - this was a common thing with Hollywood stars to do with their children - Christina was probably sent earlier due to her unfavorable attitude as a young child. Many children of child stars were sent to boarding school because of the demands of the celebrities' career. Once Christina was sent to boarding school she only saw Joan Crawford on school breaks, holidays and other special occasions.

Christina and Joan Crawford never had a warm relationship but in the later part of 1968, they appeared on television for a fund raiser and seemed to have patched up their differences and were seen together laughing and enjoying each other's company. It was the last time Christina would see her mother Joan Crawford alive.

In 1977, Joan Crawford died on May 10th of what was reported as "acute coronary occlusion," but the actual cause of her death was liver cancer. After Joan's death her will - which was last revised on October 28th 1976 -was read and a harsh reality was dealt to Christina Crawford. Joan's will stated... "It is my intention to make no provision herein for my son Christopher or my daughter Christina for reasons which are well known to them." Christina contested the will and received $27,500. This naturally sparked retaliation from Christina and the book "Mommie Dearest" was born soon after Joan's death in 1978. The book was a best seller and raised awareness about child abuse across the nation. When Christina initiated a movie with her second husband David Koontz (married 1976-divorced 1982) Christina's credibility was challenged. The movie "Mommie Dearest" was released in 1981 and was so over the top and exaggerated that many questioned the "truth" about Christina's allegations. The movie went on to be voted the worst movie of 1981 and was awarded a Razzie Award in 1982 for the worst movie of 1981. "Mommie Dearest" also won a Razzie Award for Worst Film of the 1980s.

In 1981, Christina suffered a near fatal stroke that took her five years to recover from. After her recovery from her stroke and her divorce, she moved to the Northwest and ran a bed and breakfast called Seven Springs Farms in Sanders, Idaho with her third husband Michael Brazzel, from 1994- 1999.

Currently, Christina Crawford, who is single, works as a Special Events Manager at the Coeur d'Alene Casino in Idaho. Christina never had any children of her own. Christina recently has appeared on several Joan Crawford documentaries over the past several years.

While it is not known if Joan Crawford was as abusive as Christina said, it is also not known that she was not that abusive. The public just does not know either way.

Phillip Terry Jr. was born on October 15, 1943 and was adopted by both Joan Crawford and her then husband Phillip Terry in 1943. After Joan divorced Terry in 1946, Crawford changed her sons name to Christopher Crawford. Christopher Crawford was a quiet child, but became defiant at home when he found out he was adopted. Christopher became difficult and defiant at home, he was labeled as a "problem child" by many schools that he was kicked out of. Christopher ran away from home on many occasions, searching for his "real" mother and father. Christopher admitted later in life he was a "brat" as a child and "difficult."

At the young age of 16 he stole a car, Crawford could not control his wild behavior and Christopher left home before he was 18 years old. Christopher married a waitress and had his first child with her by the time he was 19 years old. In 1962, Christopher was living in Miami and working as a lifeguard. In 1962, Christopher visited his mother with his wife and baby. Crawford said, "It doesn't look like you. It's probably a bastard." That was the last time Christopher ever saw his mother, Joan Crawford.

Christopher had a rough life. He divorced his first wife, with whom he had three children with and entered the Vietnam War in the late 1960's. He did not have a close relationship with his three grown children and in a 1981 interview he was asked about his three grown children and their whereabouts, all he said was "no idea."

Christopher waived any rights to the book and movie, "Mommie Dearest" for $10,000. Christopher was also left out of Joan Crawford's will. Christopher contested the will and received $27,500. Christopher Crawford did visit his sister Christina in the 1990s at her bed and breakfast in Idaho on a few occasions.

Christopher Crawford died of cancer on September 22, 2006, at approximately 10:50 am, at the Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport, New York. Christopher was 62 years old when he died.

Cathy and Cynthia Crawford were born on January 13, 1947 in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Cathy and Cynthia's mother died a week after they were born from kidney failure and their skittish father abandoned the mother and children. Joan adopted the twin girls in June of 1947 from the Tennessee Children's Home Society. Cathy and Cynthia had an enjoyable childhood.

In 1960, both Cathy and Cynthia moved to New York City with Joan Crawford after Joan's fourth husband, Al Steele, died.

Cynthia Crawford was in boarding school from age eight and eventually attended Dubuque University. It was at Dubuque University where she met her husband and became pregnant with her first child. In 1967, at 20 years of age, married Mr. Jordan and moved into a trailer in Dubuque, Iowa. They had two children together - Jan and Joel. In 1976, Cynthia divorced her husband after nine years of marriage. After Joan's death in 1977, Cynthia worked in a show store earning $150.00 a week and living off of the $ 77,000 inheritance from Crawford's estate. Cynthia moved to Jackson, Miss., in 1984, but the work played out after six months, leaving her on welfare and without a place to live. She worked and saved until she had enough money for an apartment. In 1990 Cynthia, now living in Brandon, Miss., found her biological father in Friendship, Tennessee. Ironically, her father's last name was Jordan - the same last name as her ex-husband. In 1991, Cynthia moved to Memphis, Tennessee to be closer to her biological family and often visited her dad.

Sadly, Cynthia Crawford died on October 14, 2007 at the age of 60 in Tennessee. Cynthia had been dealing with a hepatitis infection and was in process for a liver transplant. She leaves a wonderful loving family, which consisted of her sons and several grandchildren. Cynthia never had contact with Christina or Christopher after Joan's death.

Cathy Crawford was in boarding school from age eight. Cathy also attended Vernon Court Junior College and eventually attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in the 1960s. Cathy Crawford and Jerome LaLonde married on August 10, 1968. They met in Alexandria Bay, New York. Jerome was in active duty in the Navy when they married. After the wedding and honeymoon, they moved to Norfolk, Virginia and stayed there until Jerome's enlistment was up. They moved back to Alexandria Bay, New York where Cathy had two children Carla and Casey. Shortly after their second child, Casey, was born the family moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1972.

After Joan''s death in 1977, Cathy received $ 77,000 inheritance from Crawford's estate wand all inherited all of Joan Crawford's property including the 1946 Oscar for "Mildred Pierce." Jerome LaLonde and Cathy (Crawford) LaLonde separated in 1984. Cathy reconnected with her biological father via telephone in 1991. Cathy worked as a teacher's aide in Pennsylvania for most of the 1990s. In 1993, Cathy decided to sell Joan's Academy Award at auction.

Cathy currently resides in Pennsylvania. Cathy never had contact with Christopher after Joan's death and currently has not had any contact with Christina. Cathy's son, Casey, currently is involved with repairing his grandmother's image and answers letters from fans on this website under the "Ask Casey" page.


  1. Thank you so so much for writing this. I've wanted to write something along these lines too, but never really knew much about any of her children except bitchy Christine.

    I think this article is VERY telling. I don't think Joan Crawford has anything to do with the nasty attitudes Christopher and Christina had towards their mother. I really think Christina was jealous of her mother, and wanted more of her time like you said. I get SO angry when I see her talking trash about her mother on TCM and in documentaries.

    Sounds like Christopher really was just a bad egg and it didn't have to do with Joan. I'm glad Cynthia and Cathy had a good relationship with their mother. Cynthia sounds like she had a sad life, but that was no fault of Joan's.

    I get so angry when people take "Mommie Dearest" as the gospel truth and that's their only info on Joan. I hope Cathy's son succeeds in trying to help his grandmother!

    1. Just because Crawford did not seem to be nasty to Cyntia and Cathy this does not mean that she was innocent and she really did not abuse the way do it the things that Christina complaint about. to Christina or Christopher. I know mothers who can use 'divide and conquer' to treat one child completely different than the other. And the child who is protected would not even know (or would not believe) as her belowed mother would abuse her siblings because the mother well cover her tracks to control the abuse. So I can truly understand why the twince had different experience than the Christina and Chris.

    2. Of course, it is true. Joan Crawford had the same 'craziness' my mom did. A lot worse happens to others. What was so awful about Joan Crawford is she ADOPTED children to yell at. She dumped even the two she 'could stand" at 8 years old.
      They were props for her.
      Anyone who would tell their son that his baby looks like a bastard in the one visit he made to her OBVIOUSLY is an even rotten neurotic narcissist. (however it is spelled)

    3. I hate people like you, Pickens. Because it's people like you who ignored kids like me when they needed help. I suffered manipulative abuse at the hands of an insecure step mother for years. But of course when I'd act up (trying to get people's attention since I didn't understand how else to do it) and my step mother would complain about me to other adults, those adults would then scold me on her behalf, having NO CLUE what was truly going on. So thanks PICKENS for the playground you continue to endorse for abusers, by your sick and insensitive ability to open you eyes and consider for one moment, what might REALLY be going on behind a child's behavior. oh, and YOU SUCK

    4. So just because YOU were abused -- allegedly -- that means that no child is capable of lying about abuse, particularly decades later?

      Every child is right, and every parent is obviously lying ....

      Does this capture your bizarre perception of reality?

  2. ahhh yes Pickens,
    Sure Joan Crawford was a Saint. Parenting has nothing to do with the way children develop. These kids were adopted as infants and pre-toddlers. Read your psychology 101. I am sure (with no formal knowlege on the matter) there is fault on both ends. However, Joan's hearty legacy just about went with her to the grave. Great Mom...

  3. Well like so many Hollywood parents, Joan Crawford was no angel, but she was not the monster that her daughter made her out to be.

  4. It's good to see at least one of her children tries to honor her legacy. Of course she made mistakes, of course she had some alcohol problems, but she also did a lot of good and left a strong artistic legacy. Everyone who is perfect, raise their hands...anyone?

  5. The fatal mistake Joan Crawford made...she never thought in a million years that one of her adopted children would grow up and be able to put into words the mental and emotional abuse she exhibited, leaving a sociopathic legacy!

  6. I am disgusted to say the least at Mr. Lobosco's slanting his account of Christina Crawford's version of her own life's events and making it appear to have been a fabrication. He was not there during her growing from child to adult to see what actually happened. I'm sure that some artistic license was taken in the telling of her story. Reality is seldom vibrant enough to make a success of a book or movie. It is also my belief, however that Joan Crawford was abusive to the extreme where her children were concerned. Joan was the quintessential example of how a stressful life of a movie star mixed with a decadent self serving lifestyle will ruin the lives of the star and all those who have the misfortune to be a part of this roller coaster of a way of life.

  7. Tim, thank you for writing what you thought of an article. What I wrote is not for a book or a newspaper, but my own blog - so yes, it is my opinion and what I have gathered through different people I talked to. Again, yes it is my opinion that Joan might have been abusive but not to the degree that Christina said.

    1. I agree as well that Christina's account in her book/movie was probably slanted a bit. I also don't believe she was flat out lying in her account as your blog entry insinuates. It is hardly a stretch that an artistic, perfectionist, alcoholic, with the stressors placed on Joan by her choice of career would have a psychotic personality. I believe Joan Crawford really had no business adopting any children at all, given her way of life.

  8. and by the way information you get from conversations with others still amounts only to hearsay at besy.

  9. I agree with you Timothy that Joan Crawford has no business adopting children and maybe even did it for publicity. I added a few lines to the original story too.

    It is just odd that Joan would have been so abusive to Christina and Christopher but would not be to other adopted children. Bing Crosby has run into the same trouble as Crawford has with abuse allegations.

    Bing was supposedly abusive to his four boys, but with his children from his second marriage he was a nice guy. Believe me, parenting skills or lack of just do not change.

    The only thing we know is that we will never know the truth. Joan Crawford is gone. While we do not know if she was an abusive parent, we do not know that she wasn't one either.

    1. No, no one outside of those involved personally, will ever have a right and true picture of what actually happened in the Crawford family. I do lean more toward believing Christina though because I have a hard time believing that anyone's child would simply fabricate such a story with no basis in fact. I have read several articles such as yours and far and away they they mostly were sharing of the same opinion as you. I just can't imagine under what circumstances would a child be so hateful towards a parent that was undeserving of it.

    2. Just to let you know I grew up with 2 abusive parents and every child was treated differently. The oldest one(a sister) was never, ever hit but was put between my parents, both of them tried to make her an ally. My older brother was talented at fixing things, a hard worker. He was respected fot that. He was still treated abusively, but he would run away or fight back. So they laid off of him after awhile. I am the middle one. I was emotionally vulnerable, generally peaceful and obedient. I was a perfect victim. My father took out his violence on me. He would beat me in front of strangers. Knock me down and jump on me. Whip me in front of a room full of people. Emotionally abuse me. My younger brother was similarly abused but he was schizophrenic and he became violent. There was no way they could win with him, or influence him so they gave up on him and gave into him turning him into a spoiled rotten monster that always got his way. My younger sister is smart, talented but has her own issues, in particular with selfishness and anger. But she is ahead of everyone in one respect. Mom lived with her, and she managed to put every cent of mom's in her name, put mom on welfare and food stamps, free hot lunches, medicare- and every other freebie she could. When mom died, she refused to produce the will, handed everyone a bill for the funeral, and of course stole every last cent and posession of our legacy. NO, not everyone in my family was treated the same.

    3. I must beg to differ. It's very common for an emotionally abusive parent to treat offspring very differently, depending on how each child reacts to correction or various punishments, or if he or she perhaps sadly reminds the parent of a hated or feared sibling. Some kids will develop a robotic personality to block out adult tantrums, and will excuse horrific behavior
      in an attempt to deal with trauma too.

  10. It is hard to believe a child would fabricate a story but sometimes they do. A lot of it is out of bitterness and greed. Take for example Bing Crosby. Now I do know some people in the inner circle at the Crosby family. While he was not a great dad, he was absent most of the time, he was not the abusive monster that his son Gary portrayed him as.

    All of the allegations of abuse are grounded in truth I believe. I believe Joan Crawford was not a great mother, but I am just not convinced she was the monster that Christina or Mommie Dearest portrayed her.

  11. We did not live there so I do not know if she did abuse them or not, can not say either way. My moms father abused her and her siblings but the next set of kids he did not. So goes to show you that sometimes certain kids are singled out.

  12. June Allyson was a neighbour of Crawford's at one time (back when June was married to Dick Powell)
    She witnessed the physical violence of Miss Crawford on more than one occasion. Joan was a perfectionist, with a cleaning fetish. She would have been hard to live with. I don't think any of the many Hollywood stars who were born in poverty and great hardship ever experienced the extreme poverty that Crawford did. Her father deserted the family and Joan's mother took in washing to make end meet. She started out in silent movies and worked her butt off to get acting parts in talkies.
    She was a disciplinarian of herself,too. Never late, always knew her lines, became "difficult" when Mayer began giving plum roles to Greer Garson, and was bitter at being pipped at the post on more than one occasion by Norma Shearer.
    She was the biggest female star at MGM, hugely popular with working class women whom she represented in her film roles as shop assistants,factory worker, or the loose "other woman".
    Myrna Loy was a close friend of Joan's - they met during their days in silent movies.
    Miss Loy was not one to be unkind about anyone, but she said Joan went out of her way to help Christina become the actress she desperately wanted to be, and that Chistina was rude,lazy, and largely untalented. So have many others.
    The writing of Mommy Dearest was a vengeful,cowardly act - and the reason Joan (who knew of the books existence) cut her out of the will. Apparently Christina had been peddling the book around publishers when Joan was still alive. No-one would agree to publish it at that time,

    1. dear mary, i am quite sure you believe this latter part, but it is simply not true.

    2. Make up your mind. The prefix of your comment states that June Allyson witnessed Joan being violent. The last part depicts something based on revenge. Revenge for what? The prefix? Do you or do you not believe the shit? Yes or no?

      Also, to all the people here who speak with what seem's to be a degree of certainty. How long did you know Joan,where and when did you meet and can you please share all the juicy and intimate details of your friendship throughout the years until her death. I'm sure you have just wonderfull stories to contribute about the "good ole days" of you and Joans "friendship".

      Don't worry.....I'll wait. *sigh*

  13. Reading the comments here hits close to home. I am the survivor of abusive parenting...a mom who abused mentally and physically, and a father who hid his head in the sand instead of helping us.

    I don't know the extent to which Crawford abused her children. But I would find it difficult to believe that she did not abuse them at all.

    I would probably have been called difficult by outsiders to our situation because I felt I had to speak out against the injustice of my situation, not only for myself, but for the safety of my siblings. However, my own brothers and sisters thought that I was crazy not to say what my mother wanted to hear and then just do what I wanted behind her back. They said I was "asking for it."

    Fortunately for me, I got away from my homelife and lived to see the day that my mother finally received help. We now have a good relationship and she is a happy woman...

    Christina never got this's harder for her to heal under these circumstances. I hope some day she will.

  14. I think, like most of us, Joan could be good and bad, at times. If you take each allegation by Christine and examine them, there are a number of incidences that could have been overblown by Christine. Children remember things differently than adults. A great example is Christine's experience of sitting at the dining room table refusing to eat a bloody piece of meat. I sat at the table a few times when I didn't clean up my plate, but my parents weren't abusers. That was common back in the 50s and now we know better, as a society, than to force children to eat something that way - but that doesn't make Joan Crawford a child abuser. Have you ever spoken to someone you love and you know for a fact that your voice was normal, but they accused you of screaming at them? Each of us has a perception of reality. Children do not necessarily remember events exactly as they occurred. That said, Joan may have been abusive and we will never know factually one way or the other.

    I do think it is telling that the twins did not join in the book or movie. Lets think this fact through. Given the opportunity to participate in the book and movie, to make a lot of money off of the book and movie, to travel the US and make money from the publicity surrounding the claims of their older sister, the twins chose to live in relative anonymity and opt out of the whole thing. They chose not to make money on the situation. Thats a pretty powerful non-verbal statement. To me, that says "we believe our mother was good." Maybe the mother was good to the twins and horrible to the two older children, but its telling that the younger kids never spoke to their siblings again. Usually a younger kid in a family looks up to their older brother and sister so much they will believe anything they are told. What happened in that family to stop the younger children from adoring their older brother and sister? My gut instinct is the older children were bratty and drove people away from them.

    I also remember reading that Joan Crawford had her ex-husband, Franchot Tone, moved into her apartment and cared for him when he died. I looked it up in a Joan Crawfor encyclopedia online: "By the 1960s Joan was pretty much taking car of a wheel chair bound Franchot Tone. She cared for him towards the end of his life. One of my favorite stories is a reporter came to interview Joan in her New York apartment and a man was in a wheelchair in the apartment during the entire interview. The reporter was so intrigued as to who this man was in the wheel chair, Joan never mentioned him or introduced them. As the reporter was leaving he politely asked Joan "Who is that man?" Joan replied "Oh, that's just Franchot." It was almost like they were an old married couple. Pretty sweet in away. Joan cared for him in a time of need; it showed how big of a heart Joan had. Franchot Tone died on September 18, 1968 in New York of lung cancer at the age of 63."

    My final point is that there are sociopaths throughout our society. Was Joan a nutcase or was her oldest daughter a sociopath? Who is telling the truth? At first I believed Christine. As I matured, though, and as little blurbs came out about Joan's younger kids, I began to change my mind. I have to say I agree with David on this article. Follow the money. Who made money on the deal? My mom and dad were normal, never cursed one another, never fought, never beat us and were just incredible people, but my younger sister is a sociopath and my older brother was very abusive to me behind my parent's backs. The constant lies and manipulations from my sister have turned our family on it's head and once my narcissistic older brother moved out I rarely hear from him, which was good because he was mainly mean and nasty to me. There is a possibility the two older children were really screwed up and Christine could have embellished childhood memories or made up the whole thing.

    If I had to bet money I'd say Joan was the good guy here.

  15. timothyscarberry wrote:

    "I am disgusted to say the least at Mr. Lobosco's slanting his account of Christina Crawford's version of her own life's events and making it appear to have been a fabrication. He was not there during her growing from child to adult to see what actually happened."

    OK, fair enough, but in the next breath, he wrote:

    " It is also my belief, however that Joan Crawford was abusive to the extreme where her children were concerned."

    Were you there, timothyscarberry? You call another person's opinion of the situation "disgustingly slanted" based on the fact that this other person wasn't there, yet you are clearly completely convinced that Jaon Crawford was a dreadful abusive monster even though you obviously weren't there either.

    After reading every piece of info I could find about both Joan Crawford and Christina, I am of the belief that Christina greatly exaggerated most of her story and told some outright lies as well. I wasn't there either, of course, but this is what the available evidence has led me to believe. Christina Crawford is, in my opinion, a selfish, jealous, greedy, lazy, ungrateful person. That's what most of the people who have actually known her seem to think, too.

    1. I believe you have covered the issue as fairly as possible, considering the paucity of real evidence available.

      Another reason I tend to discount many of the more extreme claims in "Mommy Dearest" is the timing. Christina never brought the abuse issue forward until AFTER Joan Crawford was dead and she discovered that she had been cut out of the will. Do we detect a hint of "payback" in this book?

      The fact that she was not supported by any of Joan's ex-husbands or friends doesn't help her case either -- nor does the absence of any corroboration from the two younger girls.

      No one can ever be certain, of course, but it's pretty clear that there is no real evidence to tar Joan Crawford with the abuser brush.

  16. Might be nice if you got your facts in order. Example, Christina and Joan had a truce from 1966 when CC got married; they last saw each other in 1970, two years after the Sept 1968 Labor Day MDA Telethon. Also, CC came to Joan in 1939, not 1940. There is ample proof of this, including home movies with date information.

  17. To Anonymous who stated that "children remember things differently than adults" is correct; children remember things accurately. Children are innocent creatures and do not have the selective memory of guilty adults. Perception is reality to the child being abused whether it is the 1950's or 2013. Christina Crawford had every right to tell her story, whose reasons should be known to her Mother.

    1. Reasons known to her Mother most certainly are that CHRISTINA is a brat and ungrateful to boot.

    2. Nonsense. You're telling us that children never lie? Ask any divorce court attorney or judge.

      Besides, Christina didn't put forth any of these claims until she was an adult -- and then only when Crawford wasn't around to defend herself, and after Christina found out that Crawford had cut her out of the will completely.

  18. To the anonymous that states that children don't have selective memory: I'm sure you remember everything that happened during your childhood. Perhaps you were born an adult. They are called children for a reason. Mod course they don't remember everything. Sometimes they remember what they want to remember and not the actual event as it happened. Children have way more vivid imaginations than adults. It's called 3rd grade storytelling.

    I do not doubt what Christina thinks is the truth about her experience. It is her truth, whether wrong or right. She hWas to live with it and no one else.

    1. A fit of rage a parent throws because the kids are easy victims and the parents feel they can get by with it,,,, that fit is later forgotten the parent as just a bad mood, etc... But to the child it is a BIG deal and they do remember it. The parent in Control does not remember the abuse, yelling, raging that they did in the same way as the young victim who had no control in the situation. Believe me the child remembers and the parent later will say, "oh, that never happened" right to your face!

  19. I would love to know in great detail exactly how everyone here knows for a fact that Joan Crawford was not the alcoholic child beating monster Christina made her out to be. In those days mental health was not recognised. Just because someone wakes up one day and decides to become a parent thus adopting does not automatically make them a great parent. Adopting is not doing the child a favour and should not be done to boost ones ego or career and i feel this is what happened here. Such a sad and tragic life to lead.

  20. Come on people, take a moment - think! Everyone except a rare few were abused if they were born in the 1960's or earlier. Think about the changing times. Where were you during each period. Prior to the 1970's, beating a child was not considered child-abuse. Beatings were an acceptable way to discipline a child. Anyone who did not get 'spankings' were part of a very small group. First, we got the paddle in school / often combined with Chinese tortures and then were beaten by our parents when we got home- for getting into trouble in school. Girls in my school took turns walking close behind one another, so everyone didn't see how bad the welts on our legs were from our father's belts.

    These days, parents must fear their children. If a teenager refuses to et out of bed for school and a parent pulls their teenager out of the bed, the parent will end up in court. If a parent cannot get their teenager to go to school, the parent goes to court for not getting them to school.

  21. How do you know exactly what happen. The twins were 7 years younger. You twins were not there for Christina's entire childhood with your mother. I believe Christina that alot of this mistreatment could have happen. Joan had mental issue. She could have been Bi-polar. Christina was off at boarding school when you guys were young. Sometimes different kids get treated differently!!!!! Maybe you twins kissed your moms butt and Christina did not. This may be why Christina was treated differently. Christopher belted to his bed are you telling me this was not true?