Monday, November 19, 2012


Last month I lost an important person in my life. My step-father Scott Cornman died on October 25, 2012 at the age of 59 after a long battle with cancer. He was a father to me for over twenty years, longer than my own father was. Scott and I shared many happy moments, and one of those moments was watching movies together. While Scott enjoyed more of a science fiction type movie, I did get to introduce him to some of my favorite Bing Crosby movies. I wanted to share with you now a few of the movies Scott introduced me to…

Scott was a 6ft 4inch tall hunter, but he was not shy about admitting that he liked movie musicals. One of the first musicals he introduced me to was Brigadoon (1954) which starred Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. When I first saw the movie in my teen years, I had a hard time enjoying it because it was a sort of fantasy movie. The music was closer to ballet and opera than tin pan alley as well. However, after watching the movie with Scott a couple of times, I grew to love the story and the movie. It is now one of my favorite Gene Kelly movies.

Before Scott married my mother, he was also a volunteer fire fighter. So it was only natural that he would like a movie about fire fighters. Hellfighters (1968) basically starred John Wayne as John Wayne playing a man who fights oil rig fires. Before Scott, I never really regarding John Wayne as much of an article and did not watch many of his movies. After seeing this movie and a few others, I quickly became a John Wayne fan, and I even got the chance to introduce Scott to a few John Wayne films.

XANADU (1980)
Again this musical is a very unlikely film for someone like Scott to like, but it had a science fiction/fantasy type element that appealed to Scott. Xanadu (1981) starred Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. Scott was a fan of the ELO as well as the Bee Gees to a lesser extent. The movie is just a fun movie to watch, if not a great movie. I don’t think many fathers and sons would sit on a Saturday and watch a musical like Xanadu together. It was a lot of fun though.

TRON (1982)
Not every movie Scott introduced me to was a winner in my books. One of Scott's favorite movies was a science fiction fantasy Tron (1982) starring Jeff Bridges. I sat through the whole movie, but even though this is one of Scott's favorite movies, it is one of my least favorites. Scott tried though to introduce me to the movie and genre. The movie has a cult following and even spawned a sequel in 2010.

Other great movie moments I had with Scott included going to see many of the James Bond movies - all of them during the Pierce Brosnan era. I regret that was never saw any of the Daniel Craig versions in recent years. Since those days of watching movies with Scott, I have since gotten married and started a family of my own. However, I will never forget those times we spent together. I miss those days almost as much as I miss my stepfather Scott Cornman…


  1. David, your stepfather would be thrilled to see that he was important enough to you that you want to share your love of a wonderful thing he gave you. My Dad introduced me to the wonderful film classics, great literature, classical music -- I loved him dearly, and lost him too at an early age, 52. They were wonderful times, when we could both be excited that a great movie was on TV, and we would sit up late for a lot of them.

    I was tickled about Xanadu, because my grown sons have good memories of going with me to see that at the drive-in. They were just the right age to love it, and they remember that night well.

    I'm sorry you lost your stepdad, David, and I'm so glad you have these wonderful memories too. Good days....

  2. My dad passed at 59 as well. Movies were a bond he shared with his four daughters. He liked tough-minded film noir, but also enjoyed comedies and sentimental fare like "Penny Serenade".

    Through the years enjoying those special shared moments of watching movies will always keep your step-dad close. A wonderful legacy. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. This is a very touching post. Thank you for sharing your memories of your stepfather. You are lucky to have had such a great stepfather.

  4. Sorry for your loss David. This is a very moving and touching post. It is always heartwarming to hear these kinds of tender loving stories and the link that brought you two so close. With the holidays upon us it will be sad but also an excellent time to remember the good times shared.