Friday, October 29, 2010


When I was little I hated scary movies, and after seeing one I would look until my bed for months then, but now I love the genre. I don't really like the gory movies, because I believe sometimes what you don't see can be the most scariest.Here are my five personal favorites. Any comments are welcomed...if you dare!

5. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE (1962) - Yes, this is a campy movie that teamed up Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but when Davis serves her invalid sister a rat for dinner, that is enough for me!

4. THE HOUSE OF USHER (1960) - The film was directed by Roger Corman and starred the great Vincent Price. It was a low budget adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe story. Any movie with Vincent Price is instantly a classic.

3. KING KONG (1933) - Movies did not have sophisticated CGI in 1933, but King Kong remains a marvel of technology. Fay Wray as the heroine and the giant ape make the movie a classic. This story has also been adapted many times, but the original remains the best.

2. FRANKENSTEIN (1931) - Boris Karloff did not speak a word in this classic adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel. Colin Clive is overshadowed by Karloff, but Clive turned in a memorable role as Dr. Frankenstein. The story was adapted many times, but it is still my favorite version.

1. JAWS (1975) - This is not only my favorite scary movie, but it is also my favorite movie of all-time. Not seeing the shark is the scariest part of the movie. The film made the careers of director Steven Spielberg and actor Roy Scheider, and Jaws was the first summer block buster movie. I'm still afraid to go back in the water!

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